War and Foreign Policy

Tulsi Gabbard: Trump response to Saudi oil strikes a 'disgrace': Fox News
This is a big deal. Especially watch the last 2 1/2 minutes. She explicitly says twice that Saudi Arabia is a bigger threat to America then Iran. By the end of the interview Neil Cavuto was practically in tears, No kidding!

How a War Between the United States and Russia Would Kill 34 Million in Hours : From the UK Daily Mail

Iranian Hegemony in the Islamic World : Jason Reza Jorjani from Arktos

A Completely Avoidable Crisis With Iran : Daniel Larison for TAC

Zarif Threatens All Out War if Iran is Attacked : From CNN

Another Zionist Loon Will Replace Bolton: Mark Dankof from Tasnim News Agency

Iran and the Poisonous Fruits of Maximum Pressure : Barbara Slavin from TAC

The World Ignored the Warning Signs and Now the Middle East is On The Brink : Simon Tisdall from the UK Guardian

An Iran War Would Destroy the United States : Philip Giraldi from the AH Tribune

Trump Makes Another Bad Choice as National Security Advisor : Daniel Larison from TAC

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Immigration and Demographics

Doesn't look Jewish to me...

Tulsi Gabbard: 'It's fair' to say 2020 Democrats advocate for 'open borders': Washington Examiner
She said she opposed open borders and called for building a wall on at least some sections of the border. Eric Striker predicted this!

Mark Dankof Concedes to Barbara Lerner Spectre: You've Definitely Succeeded in Destroying White European Christian Societies : From Twitter
I also sent this to Nikki Haley who was waxing Righteous with the Susan B. Anthony List on Twitter over Bernie's Pro-Abort Views. I reminded her she works for the same people he does.

Eric Kaufman's WHITESHIFT : Martin Witkerk from The Unz Review
Bausman's Russia Insider titles this review "Another Jew Gives a Prescription for Getting Rid of White Gentiles."

Patrick Slattery and Rev. James Manning have a conversation about race: National Bugle Radio
Nobody has actually ever tried this before.

Birthright Citizenship and the Future of America : Boyd D. Cathey from Lew Rockwell

Vatican Priorities: Melting Ice Trumps Aborting Babies: From The Remnant

New Film Reveals Life of Civil Rights Activist Jack O'Dell: Truthout
Jack O'Dell was a pretty decent guy, so read this as a case study of how a perfectly well-meaning person becomes a commie.

Fertility and Birth Rate Differences by race and Hispanic origin: Childtrends.org
Surprise: Central Americans have way more babies than white people!

Israel Education Minister: Intermarriage Among US Jews Like a Second Holocaust : From JTA and Times of Israel

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Elections and Politics

After Bolton, Trump's Second Term Depends on America First : W. James Antle III from TAC

Even By the Appalling Standards of US Politics, Biden is Shameless in His Pursuit of Jewish and Israeli Money : Michael Arria from Russia Insider

Democrats Clash on Bill to Curb Israeli Torture of Children : From Electronic Intifada

Tulsi Gabbard laments rivals speaking Spanish in debates and calls identity politics 'a real danger': Washington Examiner

There Was an FBI Spy Inside the Trump Organization and Judicial Watch Just Sued to Find Out More: TownHall

Can the Right Escape Racism?: New York Times
What do you expect by a guy named Ross Douthat?

Tulsi Gabbard's high intensity work-out : Twitter

The CIA, Mossad, and the Epstein Network Are Exploiting Mass Shootings: From Whitney Webb of Mint Press News
It's obvious, but Whitney Webb reports it.👍👍👍

Mark Dankof to the SF City Council and The Demokkrats: I'm no Terrorist, I'm the NRA and the TSRA: From Twitter
Pastor Mark Dankof reminds the Bolshevik SF City Council and the Demokkratic Comrades running for President that both he and President John F. Kennedy have NRA Life Credentials. Pastor Dankof provided them a Link to what happened to him in San Antonio in 2015 on Columbus Day, and what it means when a law abiding person uses a gun to defend human life.

Mark Dankof To Buchanan: Biden, Among Others, Has Blown It: From Twitter
Read Buchanan on Biden: "Can Uncle Joe Run This Marathon?"👍👍👍
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When You're On Your Way Home After a Pride Weekend

: From A Sore Elephant
When You're On Your Way Home After A Pride Weekend.


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Finance and Economics

White House intervenes in General Motors strike: Politico

Procter & Gamble writes down Gillette business but remains confident in its future: CNBC
This has to have something to do with Gillette's horrible anti-white MeToo ad.

Trump's Budget Deficits Could Double Obama's: Chuck Jones from Forbes

Trump's Budget Deficits Could Almost Double Obama's: Chuck Jones for Forbes

Facebook Wants Its Own Internet Currency: That Should Scare Us All: Rohan Grey from The Nation

A Bank With a $49 Trillion Exposure to Derivatives is Melting Down Before Our Eyes: From the Economic Collapse Blog

USMCA Faces Democratic Opposition in the House, Despite Hope for Ratification by Year End : Steve Byas from The New American

Goodbye, Dollar! It Was Nice Knowing You!: Philip Giraldi for the Strategic Culture Foundation

Global Indices: Bloomberg
All sorts of indices about a bunch of different markets.

Bond summary: Bloomberg

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Adrian, Andy, and Mark: Guest is Don Wassall of The Nationalist Times : From UK EuroFolkRadio via Andrew Carrington Hitchcock
Critical interview with Don Wassall, the Editor of The Nationalist Times.

Patrick Slattery and Rev. James Manning have a conversation about race: National Bugle Radio
Nobody has actually ever tried this before.

Mark Collett on how white people deserve to be murdered by black people because of slavery or whatever: National Bugle Radio

Mark Dankof on why he supports Tleib and Omar on their anti-Zionist positions: National Bugle Radio

New Ottoman Empire, the relations between Turkey, Russia, America and Israel and rumors that Donald Trump converted to Judaism: National Bugle Radio

Patrick and Jeremy talk about Princess Shiksa Ivanka, the 2020 Democratic primary circus, and debut a new song from Mario Lanzarelli about Chris Cuomo: National Bugle Radio
Patrick and Jeremy talk about Princess Shiksa Ivanka, the 2020 Democratic primary circus, and debut a new song from Mario Lanzarelli about Chris Cuomo

Jeffrey Epstein's Mossad kosher certification operations, Matteo's prospects for becoming Prime Minister of Italy, and the CIA/Zio-media push for a color revolution in Hong Kong: National Bugle Radio

John Pilger interviewed by RT: The War on China and Other Issues : From RT via Lew Rockwell

The Orthodox Nationalist: Islam, Jews, and the Balkan Oligarchs : Dr. M. Raphael Johnson from The Orthodox Nationalist:

Slattery and Dankof on Omar, Tlaib, and Israel : From RBN

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Other News

New Calls To Impeach Justice Kavanaugh: How It Would Work And Why It Likely Won't: WKMS

Truth is an Endangered Species : PCR from the Unz Review

Traces of LBJ's Personal Involvement in MLK's Assassination : Phillip F. Nelson from Lew Rockwell

Prominent Yale Professor Explains How Darwin's Theory of Evolution Doesn't Match the Science : Arjun Walia of Collective Science from Lew Rockwell

Long Before Epstein: Sex Traffickers and Intelligence Agencies : Elizabeth Vos from Consortium News

An Overview of I John for the Catacomb Church and Homeschooling Study in the Latter Days : From Mark Dankof's America

Siege at Ruby Ridge : From Lew Rockwell

Jobs czar Ivanka Trump: 'We're making it happen': Washington Examiner
Ivanka Trump has got to be the worst thing that ever happened to America!

Ex-Blackwater Guard Nicholas Slatten Sentenced to Life for Nisour Square Massacre : Brett Wilkins from Antiwar.com

Don Wassall Intelligence Report on Globo Homo : From the American Freedom Union
Pay attention to the excerpts from the Lionel Barber G-20 Summit Interview with Vladimir Putin for the Financial Times. Don Wassall of The Nationalist Times and The American Freedom Union will be the special guest on "Generations" on EuroFolkRadio on August 26th with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, Dr. Adrian Krieg, and Mark Dankof.
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Learn more about KosChertified here in RamZ Paul's fun YouTube Video.