War and Foreign Policy

Elizabeth Warren Endorses Trump's Economic War in Venezuela, Soft Pedals Far Right Coup in Bolivia : Jeb Sprague from The Gray Zone

Top Bolivian Coup Plotters Trained at U.S. Military's School of the Americas, Served as FBI Police Attachs: Jeb Sprague from The Gray Zone
What do these Jaybirds have planned for domestic American opponents of the New World Order?

Bolivian U.S.-backed Coup Government Gives Military Authorization to Kill Protestors : Paul Antonopoulos of Global Research from Lew Rockwell

General Shows Trump Maps of Oil Fields to Keep Troops in Syria : Joziah Thayer from Antiwar.com

How Western Media Bias Enables Israel to Get Away With Murder in Gaza : Ramzy Baroud from Antiwar.com

China, USA, and the Politics of Lithium : F. William Engdahl from Global Research

What's Behind Our World On Fire?: Pat Buchanan from TAC
The Great Buchanan weighs in on ominous and increasingly inflammatory global events. Hang on. The ride will get more turbulent. . . .

VIDEO: Rioters Caught Shooting in Iran's Khuzestan Province : From Tasnim News Agency
Looks like a page from the Ukrainian playbook of Victoria Nuland, Geoffrey Pyatt, Obama, Biden, and Clinton in Kiev in February 2014. Betting Lock: MEK Subcontractors of the CIA and Mossad involved.

Next Logical Step: Trump Follows Decades of U.S. Policy by Retreating on West Bank Settlements : From Sputnik
Catastrophically Bad Move, Mr. Trump, made worse by CIA interventions in Bolivia, Venezuela, Iran, and other Powder Kegs.

Haadid Nahkil Mussef: ISIS Names New Head of Terror Network : Mark Dankof Exclusive for NBR on RBN Live

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Immigration and Demographics

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Father of 3 in DUI Hit and Run: From Breitbart
The Death Penalty by Hanging would certainly get the message across to Deported Illegals who return to commit heinous crimes.

The Globalists are Admitting Their Population Control Agenda, and That's a Bad Sign : Brandon Smith from Lew Rockwell

White Nationals = Aloha-Americans, NFW!: Daily Kos
Why are these people freaking out?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. understood the spirit of aloha but David Duke does not!: NOQ Report
1/8 full-blooded Creek Indian from the mainland claims to be the sole arbitrator of the Aloha spirit. Because of course.

Guatemala: IFC Provides USD 10 Million for Fundacin Genesis to Expand Access to Finance for Micro and Small Business Entrepreneurs: FinDev Gateway

In Guatemala, lenders that were supported by USAID and the World Bank are now funding illegal migration: Washington Post
I thought these people just walked up here.

'He Looked Like He Was Dead': Family Of Man Paralyzed After Fight Outside McDonald's Unsure If He Will Walk Again: CBS Pittsburgh
When blacks attack whites and almost kill them, it's a fight. When blacks attack whites and the whites fight back, it's an attack by the whites.

Is scrutiny of American-Jewish intelligence staffers abating?: Times of Israel
Was there ever any scrutiny in the first place?

Freies Deutschland With a Pictorial Video on European Demographic Targeting NWO Style : From Twitter

If you have any information about this racist recording at UConn. Please email naacpuconn1909@gmail.com We will not tolerate racist behavior on this campus (sic): NAACP Twitter account
Shocking video of the horrific white on black violence that is rampant, institutional, and systemic in our society. View discretion advised.
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Elections and Politics

Gabbard vs. Harris: "Our Democratic Party, Unfortunately, Is Not The Party That Is Of, By And for The People: Real Clear Politics
This was a good exchange. There is no way that Harris cant continue as a viable candidate while spewing such nonsense. Really, what a bee-itch.

Mark Dankof Defends Hunter Biden in the DNA Paternity Suit Debacle 😂🍺👍: Mark Dankof from Twitter
@ClintEastwoodLA @stclairashley @JoeBiden @achitchcock #HunterBiden @RBNLive Ashley: Cut Hunter some slack. Hell, at least he isn't @KatieHill4CA @PeteButtigieg or Ed Buck, for crying out loud. 😂😂😂🍺🍺🍺

Chik Fil A Ends Donations to Christian Organizations Under LGBTQ Pressure: From National Review
Mark Dankof: "Chik Fil A demonstrates its capitulation to Perverts, Stalinists, the Synagogue of Satan, and Antichrist. Thanks for Gutlessness for Benjamins, you jerks."

Slattery and Dankof Salute Liberty Stickers and RBN Live : From Vkontakte (Complimentary Photo🍺🤠👍)
LibertyStickers.com is a friend of Mark Dankof, National Bugle Radio, and RBN Live. Make Your Feelings Known🍺🍺🍺👍👍👍🤠🤠🤠. Tell them Mark sent you.😉😉😉 https://vk.com/wall468804996_6224

Official Salute to Dr. Slattery and Pastor Dankof for a Great Job on RBN Live on November 19th: From JFK63 Truth from Twitter
We appreciate these Morale Lifters from fine people around the country and the world. We don't make any money, but you can't buy across a counter the rewards we get from people who thank us for letting us know they aren't alone in the world.

Impeaching Trump and Demonizing Russia: Birds of a Feather: Robert W. Merry from TAC

Buttigieg surges ahead of Democratic rivals in Iowa: poll: Reuters
Reuters literally reported that Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and mayor booty judge are in a three-way.

Assange Lawyers Links to US Govt and William Browder Raise Questions About Assange Defense : Lucy Komisar from Off Guardian via Lew Rockwell

What We Know About Tulsi Gabbard's Base: Five Thirty-eight
Men are way more likely to support Tulsi than women. What's that all about?

Did Obama Order the CIA to Form the "Trump Task Force" to Throw the Election to the Deep State? : Philip Giraldi from Russia Insider

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When You're On Your Way Home After a Pride Weekend

: From A Sore Elephant
When You're On Your Way Home After A Pride Weekend.


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Finance and Economics

The Builders : Robert Gore from Straight Line Logic

White House intervenes in General Motors strike: Politico

Procter & Gamble writes down Gillette business but remains confident in its future: CNBC
This has to have something to do with Gillette's horrible anti-white MeToo ad.

Trump's Budget Deficits Could Double Obama's: Chuck Jones from Forbes

Trump's Budget Deficits Could Almost Double Obama's: Chuck Jones for Forbes

Facebook Wants Its Own Internet Currency: That Should Scare Us All: Rohan Grey from The Nation

A Bank With a $49 Trillion Exposure to Derivatives is Melting Down Before Our Eyes: From the Economic Collapse Blog

USMCA Faces Democratic Opposition in the House, Despite Hope for Ratification by Year End : Steve Byas from The New American

Goodbye, Dollar! It Was Nice Knowing You!: Philip Giraldi for the Strategic Culture Foundation

Global Indices: Bloomberg
All sorts of indices about a bunch of different markets.
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Generations #22: Going Global! Patrick Slattery Joins Andy and Mark : From the Official Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Site
The show includes Mark Dankof's salute to the late Lutheran theologian and pastor, the Rev. Dr. Norman E. Nagel. See https://media.ctsfw.edu/Person/Details/208 and https://blogs.lcms.org/2019/obituary-rev-dr-norman-edgar-nagel-professor-emeritus-at-concordia-seminary-st-louis/. Via EuroFolkRadio, Dr. Nagel's legacy is transmitted globally to our listeners in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Russia, as well as our UK and USA fans perhaps new to Lutheran Theology and one of its Giantsas a thinker, academic, and charitable Christian gentleman par excellence.

Patrick Slattery's bitchute channel: Bitchute

This week in the Jew d'etat, with Mark Dankof and Patrick Slattery: National Bugle Radio
National Bugle Radio with Patrick Slattery 11.1.19

Mark Dankof joins Patrick for a discussion of the "whistle blower" and the overwhelmingly Jewish push to overthrow Donald Trump and cement perpetual gayness and war for Israel.

Remembering the Late, Great Stephen Mitford Goodson: Show 765 of the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show : Dr. Peter Hammond from the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Official Page
For all supplemental links for the Stephen Mitford Goodson life, legacy, and mysterious passing, see Mark Dankof's VK link at https://vk.com/wall468804996_5778. Mark's own interaction in South Africa with Stephen Goodson will be discussed with reference to these articles, reviews, and podcasts on the next edition of "Generations" on EuroFolkRadio with Dr. Adrian Krieg and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.

Full 3 hours of Edward Snowden Interview on the Joe Rogan Show : Vic Bishop from Waking Times via Lew Rockwell

"Generations" on the New Dark Age: Dr. Adrian Krieg, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, and Mark Dankof: Show #18: From Andrew Carrington Hitchcock's EuroFolkRadio Show

Mark Dankof on Syria and the Serena Shim Death for David Duke Live on Rense Radio : From Mark Dankof's America

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton on the End of the CIA Ghost War in Syria and the al-Qaeda Renaissance : From Moderate Rebels

Generations #16 on EuroFolkRadio with Andy, Adrian, and Mark: Guest is Don Wassall of The Nationalist Times : From the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Official Site
A critical read recommended by Don Wassall of The Nationalist Times and discussed in Don's monthly chat on the UK EuroFolkRadio show "Generations" with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, Adrian Krieg, and Mark Dankof is https://www.unz.com/article/the-ministry-of-minority-worship-gay-rights-and-goals-of-globohomo/ written by Tobias Langdon for The Unz Review.

Generations #16 on EuroFolkRadio with Andy, Adrian, and Mark: Guesy : From the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Official Site
A critical read recommended by Don Wassall of The Nationalist Times and discussed in Don's monthly chat on the UK EuroFolkRadio show "Generations" with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, Adrian Krieg, and Mark Dankof is https://www.unz.com/article/the-ministry-of-minority-worship-gay-rights-and-goals-of-globohomo/ written by Tobias Langdon for The Unz Review.
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Other News

The Persecution of Pivi Rsnen: Rod Dreher from TAC
A Finnish lawmaker with the Christian Democratic Party and a practicing traditional Lutheran is threatened with prosecution and prison for questioning LGBTQ on the basis of Romans, chapter one and the historic position of the Lutheran Church now being undermined by apostates in a post-Christian Finnish Lutheran Church.

DNA Test: Hunter Biden is the Father of an Arkansas Baby : From the Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Mark Dankof: " The Mother is a Ukrainian Hillbilly. 😂😂😂🤠🤠🤠"

Trump Announces Pardons for US Soldiers Convicted of War Crimes : From Sputnik

Mark Dankof Comments on ex-NBC Emmy Winner and 9 Year Old Solicitation : From RBN Live on Twitter

Sentence First, Crime Later?: Ron Paul from Lew Rockwell

Erdogan's Death Threat Against Press TV's Serena Shim : From Twitter
This threat was carried out in October of 2014 in a hit arranged by Turkish intelligence to stop Ms. Shim's on-site reporting on the Syrian-Turkish border of ISIS oil smuggling from Syria to Erdogan and The Boys.

Jury Condemns 7 Year Old Boy to Living With Woman Determined to Make Him a Boy : Taylor Day from the American Thinker
The James Younger case in Dallas.

Greek Church Rubber-Stamps the Lawlessness of Bartholomew II in Ukraine : Fr. Zechariah Lynch from Russian Faith
Jim Jatras has written much on this sordid affair.

Opposing Mass Surveillance Programs IS Patriotic: Edward Snowden on the Joe Rogan Show : From RT

Historian David Irving Explains That the Hungarian Uprising Was an Anti-Jewish Pogram : Christians for Truth from Russia Insider

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Learn more about KosChertified here in RamZ Paul's fun YouTube Video.