War and Foreign Policy

Mark Dankof on the Iran Attack Party and Lindbergh, America First, and Pearl Harbor : Mark Dankof from VK for RBN Live on December 13th for National Bugle Radio

UK's Johnson Wins Parliamentary Majority, Corbyn Steps Down : From Press TV

The Campaign to Lie America into World War II : Hunter Derensis from TAC

Maria Ryan, Rudy Giuliani, and the Saudi-Backed MEK in Albania : Nora Doyle from Burr Valley News via Iran Interlink

Libya's Haftar Says Decisive Battle Will Capture Tripoli : From Antiwar.com

Pentagon Says Full Withdrawal from Syria Many Years Off : From Antiwar.com
Fighting ISIS, or is it about Israel, War with Iran, and stealing Syrian oil? No More Bullshit, Esper and General Milleyor from Mr. Trump.

The Afghanistan War is More Than a $1 Trillion Mistake: It's a Travesty : Ben Armbruster from the UK Guardian

Our Lying Military, Our Lying Government : Rod Dreher from TAC

Why Did the Saudis kill US Sailors While 3 Others Filmed It? : Doug Bandow from TAC

Donald Trump: When Does a Passionate Attachment To Israel Threaten National Security? : Philip Giraldi from the Unz Review

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Immigration and Demographics

This is who is paying for your country to be invaded, goy!

Swedish PM Won't Blame Immigrants for Surge In . . . Immigrant Crime : From RT

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Father of 3 in DUI Hit and Run: From Breitbart
The Death Penalty by Hanging would certainly get the message across to Deported Illegals who return to commit heinous crimes.

The Globalists are Admitting Their Population Control Agenda, and That's a Bad Sign : Brandon Smith from Lew Rockwell

White Nationals = Aloha-Americans, NFW!: Daily Kos
Why are these people freaking out?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. understood the spirit of aloha but David Duke does not!: NOQ Report
1/8 full-blooded Creek Indian from the mainland claims to be the sole arbitrator of the Aloha spirit. Because of course.

Guatemala: IFC Provides USD 10 Million for Fundacin Genesis to Expand Access to Finance for Micro and Small Business Entrepreneurs: FinDev Gateway

In Guatemala, lenders that were supported by USAID and the World Bank are now funding illegal migration: Washington Post
I thought these people just walked up here.

'He Looked Like He Was Dead': Family Of Man Paralyzed After Fight Outside McDonald's Unsure If He Will Walk Again: CBS Pittsburgh
When blacks attack whites and almost kill them, it's a fight. When blacks attack whites and the whites fight back, it's an attack by the whites.

Is scrutiny of American-Jewish intelligence staffers abating?: Times of Israel
Was there ever any scrutiny in the first place?
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Elections and Politics

After Trump Executive Order on Israel, GOP Lawmaker Tries to Get Georgetown U Funding Pulled for Alleged Pro-Islamist, Anti-Israel Bias : Michael Arria from Mondoweiss

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo: The Idiot of the Week and Pelosi's Violence Against Women Act (VAWA): Mark Dankof from VK

Chesapeake (VA) City Council Unanimously Declares Chesapeake a 2nd Amendment Constitutional City : Margaret Cavanagh from WTKR

Ronald Lauder Funding $25 Million Campaign Against Anti-Semitism in US Politics : From JTA

Jeremy Corbyn Reflects on 52 Years of Fighting for Queer Rights : From UK Pink News

Trump Signs Executive Order to Punish Critics of Israel with Jeffrey Epstein's Lawyer Beside Him: From Renegade Tribune
Alan Dershowitz, John Hagee, Robert Jeffries, . . .

New Calls for Anti-Vaxxers To Be Thrown in Re-Education Camps While Their Children Are Kidnapped and Their Homes Seized : Mike Adams from Natural News

Trump to Sign Executive Order Recognizing Jewish University Students as a Protected Class : Ron Kampeas from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)

The Tucker Carlson Expos of AEI and Conservatism, Inc.: Think Tank Lied For Jewish Company Pushing Opioids : Kevin MacDonald from the Occidental Observer via Russia Insider
Meet the Jewish pharma family that made $11 billion on OxyContin which killed 200,000 people, and the Jewish power structure that protects and enables them, including the American Enterprise Institute.

Talmudic Tyranny: Philly's Top Lawyer is a Soros Puppet Bent on Letting Blacks Murder Whites : Eric Striker from Russia Insider

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When You're On Your Way Home After a Pride Weekend

: From A Sore Elephant
When You're On Your Way Home After A Pride Weekend.


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Finance and Economics

All About Putin's $14 Billion Natural Gas Plant in Siberia, the 2nd Largest in the World : F. William Engdahl from Russia Insider via RBN

The Builders : Robert Gore from Straight Line Logic

White House intervenes in General Motors strike: Politico

Procter & Gamble writes down Gillette business but remains confident in its future: CNBC
This has to have something to do with Gillette's horrible anti-white MeToo ad.

Trump's Budget Deficits Could Double Obama's: Chuck Jones from Forbes

Trump's Budget Deficits Could Almost Double Obama's: Chuck Jones for Forbes

Facebook Wants Its Own Internet Currency: That Should Scare Us All: Rohan Grey from The Nation

A Bank With a $49 Trillion Exposure to Derivatives is Melting Down Before Our Eyes: From the Economic Collapse Blog

USMCA Faces Democratic Opposition in the House, Despite Hope for Ratification by Year End : Steve Byas from The New American

Goodbye, Dollar! It Was Nice Knowing You!: Philip Giraldi for the Strategic Culture Foundation

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Dankof on Syria, Hong Kong, Iran, and Mexico: National Bugle Radio on RBN: December 3rd, 2019 : From RBN

Generations #24: Andy, Adrian, and Mark on Schifty Schiff and Other Shenanigans : From "Generations" on EuroFolkRadio

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Dr. M. Raphael Johnson on #CensorshipIsHate : From EuroFolkRadio

Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson Joins Andrew Carrington Hitchcock to Discuss the Russian Revolution (The Myth of the 20th Century): From Russia Insider

Mark Dankof on TradCatKnight : From TradCatKnight via Vkontakte
The November 27th show includes Mark Dankof's takes on NWO Coup d'Etats and Methodologies and a salute to Dr. E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars as a new addition and needed addition to the Unz Review. Mark answers the question of what he's Thankful For as well.

Remembering Texe Marrs: Andy, Adrian, Mark on Generations #23 : From EuroFolkRadio and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Generations #22: Going Global! Patrick Slattery Joins Andy and Mark : From the Official Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Site
The show includes Mark Dankof's salute to the late Lutheran theologian and pastor, the Rev. Dr. Norman E. Nagel. See https://media.ctsfw.edu/Person/Details/208 and https://blogs.lcms.org/2019/obituary-rev-dr-norman-edgar-nagel-professor-emeritus-at-concordia-seminary-st-louis/. Via EuroFolkRadio, Dr. Nagel's legacy is transmitted globally to our listeners in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Russia, as well as our UK and USA fans perhaps new to Lutheran Theology and one of its Giantsas a thinker, academic, and charitable Christian gentleman par excellence.

Patrick Slattery's bitchute channel: Bitchute

This week in the Jew d'etat, with Mark Dankof and Patrick Slattery: National Bugle Radio
National Bugle Radio with Patrick Slattery 11.1.19

Mark Dankof joins Patrick for a discussion of the "whistle blower" and the overwhelmingly Jewish push to overthrow Donald Trump and cement perpetual gayness and war for Israel.

Remembering the Late, Great Stephen Mitford Goodson: Show 765 of the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show : Dr. Peter Hammond from the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Official Page
For all supplemental links for the Stephen Mitford Goodson life, legacy, and mysterious passing, see Mark Dankof's VK link at https://vk.com/wall468804996_5778. Mark's own interaction in South Africa with Stephen Goodson will be discussed with reference to these articles, reviews, and podcasts on the next edition of "Generations" on EuroFolkRadio with Dr. Adrian Krieg and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.
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Other News

FDR v Lindbergh: Setting the Record Straight : John J. Dwyer from The New American
Great review of the James P. Duffy book, Lindbergh v Roosevelt: The Rivalry that Divided America.

Ex-Gay Professor: I Was Fired from Southern Baptist Seminary for Telling the Truth on Homosexuality : Dorothy Cummings McLean from Life Site News

Judge Bans Parents Protesting Homosexual Lessons in School : From Sputnik via Russian Faith

Parents Lose Custody of 15 Year Old Daughter for Refusing to Allow Sex Change : From Zero Hedge

Parents Lose Custody of k15 Year Old for Refusing to Allow Sex Change : From Zero Hedge

Porn is Occultic Says Top Occultist : Rod Dreher from TAC

Russia and Ukraine: Highest Resistance to Homosexuality in Europe : From the Ortho Christian via Russian Faith
Connect The Dots: Who is in the crosshairs of the Zionist New World Order?

Weinstein Reaches $25 Million Settlement With Accusers : From Fox Business

Epstein's Prison Suicide Counselor: Epstein So Desperate He Wanted to Pay a Black Inmate for Protection : Louise Boyle from UK Daily Mail
Too bad, Jeffrey. No one escapes Mossad, including employees like you and Robert Maxwell when your usefulness expires. Paid protection in Hell isn't offered either.

Report: Vatican Invests $1 Million in Elton John Biopic 'Men in Black': From RT
How much longer do sincere, godly Catholic traditionalists put up with this?
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